Wrapped vehicle repairs

Wrapped vehicle repairs Wrapped vehicle repairs Wrapped vehicle repairs
  • Wrapped vehicle repairs
  • Wrapped vehicle repairs
  • Wrapped vehicle repairs

Key features

We can repair sections in matching vinyl to give a "good as new" look

Insurance approved car wrap repairs

Rewraps on damaged wraps

Colour matching service

Design and print matching service

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Wrapped vehicle repairs in Manchester & Cheshire

Vehicle wrap vinyl are robust, but not invincible, so they can get scratched, scuffed or worse, this is why we offer a vehicle wrap repair service.

At Wrapvehicles we can replace panels and trim in sections to give a patch up that will be a aesthetically pleasing as possible with join lines being minimal.

We also offer colour matching. We stock swatch books from almost very wrap vinyl manufacturer who sell to the UK, so we can help to identify the colour of your damaged wrap if you are unsure. Matching up the colours tis a vital service as without this any car wrap repairs will not be exactly the same colour and will not look correct. Each wrap vinyl manufacture makes their colours in differs ways, with different chemical mixes, so there is almost zero chance of matching up wrap vinyl colours is they are not the same. Even seemingly simple colours such as gloss white or matte black are different between different vinyl brands. So you cannot just add a white from 3M to a car that we wrapped in Hexis white.

Wrapvehicles always like to keep their finger on the pulse of the wrap vinyl industry, so we know what vinyls have been discontinued. So if you are unlucky to have a car mapped in a discounted colour we can let you know and you can assess whether it is best to remove it, or alter the style fo your wrap to work around the damage and colours.

The wrapping vinyls are resistant to UV fade, but not completely immune to it, so they can alter over time, plus some wrapping vinyls tend to accumulate micro dust particles over time, so on some occasions even when we match up the colour & brand the new vinyl may not perfectly match the existing wrap. 

Insurance repairs for wrapped cars

For insurance repairs we can offer to repair the section of the wrap that has been damaged with a matching colour wrap vinyl. Many insurers are happy to pay out for repairs to a damaged vehicle wrap as part of the overall payout in the event of an accident/ insurance claim. Wrapvehicles is happy to work directly with insurance companies to repair damaged wrapped cars.

If we can not get a colour match on the wrapped car due to the vinyl being discounted, faded or discoloured due to dirt; then we can provide the option to either remove the exiting wrap and take the car back to its original colour, or we can offer to replace the existing car wrap with an alternative colour that is close to the current wrap colour. Many insurance companies are happy to cover a full rewrap of your car as part of the insurance payout, especially in a non-fault accident. As if someone damaged your car, and subsequently your vehicle wrap, why should your car not be repaired to the standard and colour it was prior to the accident?

Wrapped van repairs

Our insurance approved vehicle wrap repairs are not only for personal cars with colour change wraps, we also provide our vehicle wrap repairs service for commercial vehicles and fleet vehicles that have printed and designed van or car wraps. If these printed van wraps have been damaged there is a lot more work involved in repairing them; graphic design, colour matching, print samples, and many more services need to be provided to get the wrap repaired and matching undamaged parts of the vehicle and to make sure it matched the rest of the fleet.

Our design team can assist with matching up the designs if you do not have access to the design files. And in the event that it isn't possible to perfectly match up the design we can offer the option to replace the wrap on the whole vehicle.

Repair services

Wrapvehicles has been around for 10 years now, this means that we have built up great relationships with several accident repair bodyshops. This gives Wrapvehicles the ability to offer a complete vehicle repair service on your wrapped vehicles. We can arrange for the repairs to the bodywork and then carry out the vehicle wrapping once the body repairs are completed. Going you, your insurer or company a single point of contact for the accident repair, making the whole process simpler and more streamlined.

Has your wrapped vehicle been damaged? If so, get in touch today via phone on 0161 641 8374 or email us at info@wrapvehicles.co.uk - We offer our vehicle wrap repair services Throughout Manchester, Cheshire and the North West of the UK. We can also accommodate vehicle wrap repairs nationwide if you can get the vehicle to us at our main vehicle wrap installation centre in Manchester.

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