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  • Wrapped Car Cleaning
  • Wrapped Car Cleaning
  • Wrapped Car Cleaning
  • Wrapped Car Cleaning
  • Wrapped Car Cleaning
  • Wrapped Car Cleaning
  • Wrapped Car Cleaning
  • Wrapped Car Cleaning
  • Wrapped Car Cleaning
  • Wrapped Car Cleaning

Key features of our vehicle wrap cleaners

  • Water based eco responsible formula
  • Leaves no residue
  • Long lasting formula
  • Free from hazardous solvents
  • Cleaners offer a safer way to remove adhesive
  • No heavy fumes to smell
  • Cleaners will not lighten plastics
  • Easy spray and wipe technology
  • No Petroleum Solvents/No VOCs/ No listed Hazardous Materials
  • Water Based Eco Responsible Formula

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Wash you wrapped car with waterless car wash solutions from Wrapvehicles in Manchester


At Wrapvehicles in Manchester we like to ensure all the vehicle wraps we install can be cared for correctly, to make sure of this we have sourced the best quality vehicle wrap cleaning products available in the world. These car wrap cleaners will not only allow you to clean your wrapped vehicle much easier but they will also help to you minimise risk of damage and boost the overall finish of your vehicle wrap.


How can I wash my wrapped car?


Ever since we started testing our the chrome vehicle wrap vinyls we became worried about how their finish would be effected by the minor scratches and marks that can occur from the general hand washing of a vehicle wrapped car.

On normal vehicle wrap vinyl (gloss, matte, satin, etc) minor scratches can just be removed by heat but due to the mirror finish of the chrome car wraps we were very concerned. To help limit the possibility of hand washing causing scratches on our chrome wrapped car we searched for a company who could supply something that would help to eliminate the risks of this. After a long search we discovered Croftgate.


We are big fans of Croftgate at Wrapvehicles, they introduced us to their range of products, these products not only offer excellent cleaning abilities when used to clean vehicle wrapped cars but they are also incredibly eco friendly, containing no solvents.


The amazing properties of the Croftgate Aquanil product allowed us to hand wash our chrome wrapped Mercedes with no fear of scratching the high gloss mirror finish. Croft gate have managed to create a water less car wash solution that can be used on both wrapped cars as well as normal paintwork. their Aquanil product is a waterless car wash works by sealing any surface dirt on the vehicle as soon as it is applied. By sealing this dirt it is risen off the vehicle’s surface so there is no chance of it causing any minor scratches or swirls on the vehicle wrap finish. We weren't the only vehicle wrappers to think this was a great product and soon Croftgate attained an endorsement from one of the biggest names in car wrapping. Justin Pate is chief installer of vehicle wraps for Avery in the US, this means he knows what he is talking about when it comes to vehicle wrapping. His recommendation paired with others from PGITA (Professional Graphics Installation Technicians of America) and European Car Wrapping Association means that Croftgate are one of very few companies who have had their vehicle wrap cleaning products recommended for vehicle wrap cleaning.


Since we first tried out the Croftgate products in 2012 they have developed a complete range of vehicle wrap cleaning products to be used by both professional and amateurs before/during installation of vehicle wraps. As well as a large range of vehicle wrap cleaning products to help clean and protect completed vehicle wrapped cars.


Wrapvehicles are happy to offer the complete Croftgate range of vehicle wrap cleaning products, we can offer this range of waterless car cleaners to our retail customers as well as our trade clients who may want to upgrade their cleaning solutions for their customers who have wrapped cars.


The Croftgate wrap car range is split into 2 sections, section 1 consists of vehicle wrap cleaning solutions for use by the vehicle owner or valeters/cleaners. The second section is made for vehicle wrap installers.

The wrap care range is made up of 3 products.


Car Wrap Cleaning Product 1.

Croftgate wrap care matte and gloss vehicle wrap cleaner.

This vehicle wrap cleaner will help to lift off day to day dirt from the surface of your vehicle wrapped car. It works with both gloss finish and matte finish vehicle wraps but gloss finishes will get a little more shiny (mattes will still remain matte).


Car Wrap Cleaning Product 2.

Croftgate wrap care matte and gloss vehicle wrap sealant.

This performs a similar service to waxing a normal painted car surface, it adds a layer of protection to the vehicle wrapped surface and will help to 

limit the ability for dirt to adhere to the wrapped surface, therefore decreasing the frequency that you would need to wash your vehicle wrapped car.


Car Wrap Cleaning Product 3.

Croftgate wrap care colour and gloss enhancer.

This product was initially created to offer a product specifically for chrome wrapped cars. It promotes a very shiny finish on the surface of the vehicle wrap vinyl, so chrome wraps look even better.

But it can be used on coloured gloss finish vehicle wraps to enhance to glossiness of their final finish and well as effectively magnifying the colours of the wrapped car.

In addition to these enhancements this vehicle wrap cleaner also adds a layer of protection to the wrapped surface.


Vehcile Wrap surface preparation.

For vehicle wrappers and DIY installers we can recommend the Croftgate adhesive and heavy duty cleaner. this great products allows the vehicle wrap installer to correctly prepare a vehicle for wrapping, no matter how dirty it is or what types of excess/old adhesives may be on its surface.

The second product is designed for the final prep on a car prior to it be wrapped, the Croftgate surface prep cleaner lifts and removes dust, road grime, oils, grease, etc. It acts as a surface primer allowing for a stronger bond of vehicle wrap vinyl for better adhesion to cars surface.



Wrapvehicles in Manchester will be offering the complete Croftgate range of vehicle wrap cleaners as well as their other car cleaning products and accessories.


So whether you are an owner of a wrap car and was the best possible cleaning product for it, or are a car valeter / cleaner looking to offer a better service to your customers who have vehicle wrapped cars, get in touch. Wrapvehicles can help to make your vehicle wrapped car look its best for longer.

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