Lamborghini Modifications

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  • Lamborghini Modifications
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  • Lamborghini Modifications
  • Lamborghini Modifications
  • Lamborghini Modifications

Products and services we offer for Lamborghinis

  • Lamborghini wraps
  • Lamborghini tints
  • Lamborghini forged alloy wheels
  • Lamborghini bodykits
  • Lamborghini carbon fibre parts
  • Lamborghini rear wings
  • Lamborghini widebody kits
  • Lamborghini DMC parts
  • Lamborghini Mansory conversions
  • Lamborghini trackers
  • Lamborghini interior upgrades
  • Lamborghini performance and tuning

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Lamborghini Modifications and Upgrades

At Wrapvehicles we like to specifically cater for the high-end luxury and performance vehicle sector, because of this offering a strong selection of Lamborghini modification options is vitally important to us. Over the last 3 years we have exhaustively searched for new and established brands we can help us offer a complete range of enhancement solutions for the Lamborghini cars range.

Here you will find a detailed rundown of the major products and services we can offer to our customers in Manchester, Cheshire and Nationwide.


Lamborghini Wraps

Our bread and butter, vehicle wraps is where we made our name and we love them so much we’ll never stop offering them to our customers. The colour range available for our Lamborghini wraps is unrivalled, with well over 100 colour options and over a dozen different finishes available. Wrapvehicles really can offer you a Lamborghini in your choice of colour.


Here is a brief guide to the different vehicle wrap options suitable for the Lamborghini cars.


Gloss Wraps

Solid colours in high gloss finishes. Basic but can be used to make a very strong statement. Think Nardo Grey and crisp ice white.


Metallic Wraps

Very similar to metallic paint, designed as a paint replacement. Available in standard metallic, metal flake style glitter and Candy coloured wrap versions


Matte Wraps

A non-reflective version of the wrapping vinyl, gives a strong single tone colour and on the correct vehicle can give a great stealth look.


Matte Metallic Wraps

Similar to our matte wraps but with metallic elements build into the colours. These metallic elements shimmer when exposed to light, giving an extra dimension to the matte wrap’s colour.


Satin Wraps

Our closest resemblance to factory matte paint, these wraps give a semi-gloss look. They have minimal reflective properties but tend to catch the light in line with the curves of a vehicle. A very good wrap finish to opt for with an angular car design like a modern Lamborghini.


Satin Metallic Wraps

A brand new update for the satin wrap range, this wrap adds metallic elements into the satin colours, giving them a shimmering effect that works well.


Pearlescent Wraps

A recreation of factory paint pearl colours. Available in a variety of colours including white, black, red, green, orange and blue.


Colour Flip / Change Wraps

An iridescent wrap that seems to chain colour depending on the angle it is viewed at. 


Carbon Fibre Wraps

We offer carbon fibre wrap vinyls in a variety of options, to suit our clients needs. Our 3M textured carbon fibre wrap is a popular choice, but we also have high gloss carbon fibre wrap as well as several coloured carbon fibre options.


Brushed Metal Wraps

Similar to our 3M textured carbon fibre wrap, the 3M brushed wraps also have a textured finish to give an extra dimension to the wrap’s colour.


Velvet Wraps

Only suitable for some cars due to its high cost and marmite style, our velvet wraps are available in over a dozen colours and can give a very unusual look and feel (feels like real velvet).


Chrome Wraps

Pretty much the pinnacle of our colour change vehicle wrap range, our chrome vehicle wraps are available in over a dozen colours. Available in high mirror gloss or satin chrome this family of vehicle wrap styles really make a statement and are hard to rival when added to the correct type of car.

Very high cost, but hard to beat in terms of road presence and attention.


Printed Wraps

Due to our work in the commercial sector, we can also offer bespoke printed wraps in any colour, pattern, design, etc. There are no real limits on these printed wraps, logos can be incorporated, images, text, etc.

We even have the ability to print onto our colour change range of wrap vinyls to provide printed carbon fibre and chrome finishes.


In addition to full car wraps on Lamborghini models, we can wrap sections of the body and specific parts. A very popular option for this is the rear diffuser wrap on the Lamborghini Urus. Wrapvehicles can wrap the Urus rear diffuser in gloss black (or a prefered colour) to cover over the standard grey and give the Lamborghini Urus a classier blacked out look.


Lamborghini Window Tints 

Although the windows on the cars are often small, and in some cases non-existent, our window tinting service can still come in useful across the Lamborghini range to give a little more style and privacy to the cars.



Lamborghini Bodykits

Wrapvehicles is dedicated to giving the UK Lamborghini owners an opportunity to upgrade their cars and make them even more extreme and personalised. This is why we have spent the last few years working with a variety of companies from all over the globe to bring a huge selection of Lamborghini bodykits and Lamborghini styling parts to the retail market. 

The ability to modify a Lamborghini can be vital to some owners as making their car a one off can make a big statement and whats the point of spending £300k on a car if someone else has one exactly the same as you.

Over the years we have built close relationships with several of the biggest automotive restyling companies, this allows us to offer a massive range of Lamborghini focused modifications.

Here are some of the main options we have available.



Lets start with the most expensive option, Mansory. If you are after the ultimate customised Lamborghini then look no further than Mansory, they offer a range of bodykits and carbon fibre styling parts / accessories to modify and customise the current Lamborghini range including the Lamborghini Aventador and Lamborghini Huracan. Both models are catered for with various stages of styling modifications.


Mansory offer a standard carbon fibre styling package for both the Huracan and Aventador, These carbon fibre styling parts packages consist mainly of Lamborghini original parts remade in visible carbon fibre. Air vents, lips, spoilers, bonnets, roofs, interior trim, etc. These parts have been created to give Lamborghini owners the ability to pick and choose areas of trim that they would like in a carbon fibre finish. The majority of the Lamborghini carbon parts can just be swapped out for the standard manufacturers’ plastic parts.


The next stage of styling upgrades Mansory offer for the Lamborghini range is the Competition pack. These styling packages are available for the Huracan and Aventador. In addition to replacing several plastic parts in visible carbon fibre, the Competition packages also offer redesigned rear wings, side skirts, front splitters, rear diffusers and various spoilers/lips elsewhere on both cars. These Mansory Lamborghini Competition styling packages can really start to transform the looks of each model thanks to the new Mansory styling.


The third stage of Mansory Lamborghini styling kits is where things get really interesting. These styling packages are designed to effectively create a brand new model of Lamborghini, they offer heavily revised sections of the original car, replacing door panels, bumpers, rear diffusers, extended wheel arches, etc. Depending on the final spec required, all body panels can be replaced with restyled versions in visible and coloured carbon fibre.

The version of this ultimate Mansory styling package for the Lamborghini Huracan is known as the  Torofeo. The Torofeo offers a completely transformed Huracan, with a brand new carbon fibre widebody sporting aggressive looking spoilers and splitters throughout. The overall design has echoes of the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento within its design, as well as a few other styling cues taken from the Lamborghini concept cars.

For the Aventador, Mansory offer an overhaul styling package known as the Carbonado. The tongue in cheek name really is a great description of the car, it is a carbon fibre tornado. Every exterior panel of the Aventador has been replaced with visible carbon fibre. Like the Torofeo, the Carbonado also benefits from an overall redesign from Mansory that takes hints from Lamborghini concept cars. But overall the closest things the Carbonado resembles is a stealth bomber, it is covered in angles and slashed style air vents, creating  a stunning car.

The top tier Mansory styling packages the Torofeo and Carbonado are both designed to be fully customisable down to the finest details. They are available in custom coloured carbon fibre, the Carbonado is available in a signature Mansory patterned carbon fibre finish.



The second maddest collection of Lamborghini styling enhancement products we have available come from DMC. A small company but they are well renowned for offering high quality carbon fibre parts for the worlds most popular supercars. In regards to the Lamborghini range DMC do not disappoint. Like Mansory they offer different levels of modification to suit different client’s requirements and budgets.


Unlike Mansory, DMC still cater for some of the older Lamborghini models. So in addition to offering carbon fibre parts for the Huracan and Aventador, DMC also offer various carbon fibre styling parts and accessories for the Gallardo and Murcielago.

Each iteration of the Lamborghini cars is catered for with its own set of carbon fibre stating parts, so if you have a Murcielago LP670SV, a Gallardo LP540, a Huracan LP610, or an Aventador LP740 S, DMC have carbon fibre parts suitable of your car.

The majority of the DMC Lamborghini styling range consists of replacement carbon fibre parts and uprated parts such as rear wings and spoilers.

The next stage of the DMC carbon fibre styling packages consist of complete packages that add extended spoilers, lips, splitters and rear wings to the Lamborghini models. These carbon fibre parts have been designed to work well with the standard car’s aesthetic, adding to them nicely, rather than totally transforming them.


The final stage of the DMC Lamborghini styling range is saved for the Aventador and Huracan, and it is where things start to get very extravagant.

Both the Huracan and Aventador are treated to heavily reworked front bumpers and rear diffusers, huge rear wing additions and aggressive side skirts. Throughout these extreme DMC Lamborghini kits carbon fibre is used to add additional lips, spoilers and canards, adding to the aggressive  redesign even further.


All DMC parts are made from carbon fibre, with some available in optional kevlar and non-visible carbon fibre.


Prior Design

Prior Design are a name synonymous with widebody styling packages for luxury and high end cars, when it comes to Lamborghini their range is small but what they do have is available in wide arch options to amplify the Lamborghini supercar status.

Currently Prior Design only offer bodykits for the Gallardo and the Huracan models, both are available in widebody versions with brand new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, wheel arch extensions and revised and larger rear wings.



Lamborghini Interior Upgrades

When it comes to the interior of your Lamborghini it is hard to better it, the quality of the materials and the style of the interior are really very high end and luxurious, but that does not mean Wrapvehicles do not have to ability to upgrade it. The simplest way we can customise a Lamborghini interior is by utilising our range of carbon fibre accessories. Almost every plastic or metal part inside the Lamborghini cabin is available in visible carbon fibre if required. Door handle pulls, dash screen surrounds, switchgear surrounds, centre-consoles, etc

The majority of the Lamborghini interior carbon fibre parts are made by DMC, Mansory or our UK carbon fibre manufacturer.

Beyond just the interior trim we offer complete interior upgrade services in partnership wth Mansory. The Mansory interior reupholstery services available for the Lamborghini range is more than extensive. Pretty much every aspect of the Lamborghini Huracan and Lamborghini Aventador can be recovered in leather or suede, from the seats, to the headlining. All of these interior sections can be totally customised to your needs, with bespoke colours, patterns and even monograms added.

The ultimate Lamborghini interior upgrade is available as part of the Carbonado package, this brings the custom Mansory patterned carbon fibre into the cabin with an aim to create a cockpit. The pattern from the carbon fibre is extended to the upholstery and elements of the switchgear are moved to the roof to give are real sense of being inside something that is more than a car.



Lamborghini Performance Enhancement

Whereas the Lamborghini model range is well known for its wealth of power, speed and performance, at Wrapvehicles we do get clients who are after a little more. Thankfully with the help of Mansory and DMC we can offer performance upgrades for the Aventador and Huracan cars. Both companies offer their own bespoke ECU power packs to squeeze the maximum output from the standard engine without doing any harm. These ECU packages can help get the cars up to around 800BHP, however if that still its enough Mansory have a twin turbo charging kit available for the Lamborghini Aventador that can raise the power output to approx.1250BHP.

And if you’re very brave and that still isn't enough power then we do have bespoke options to push power past the 1500BHP mark.



Lamborghini Alloy Wheels

A really easy way to customise a Lamborghini without modifying the actual car, adding a set of special alloy wheels can really make the car stand out. And as a massive bonus the types of forged wheels we sell for the Lamborghini at Wrapvehicles are very popular, so resale value on them can be high.

At Wrapvehicles we have a huge range of forged alloy wheels suitable for the Lamborghini model range. Utilising our partnerships with Mansory and DMC we can offer their eclectic ranges of forged alloy wheels that have been specially styled to work with the design of the Lamborghini cars or the styling packages on offer from DMC and Mansory.

Beyond the Mansory and DMC alloy wheels we have available for the Lamborghini cars we also have a vast list of big name brands who's wheels we can supply. ADV1, HRE and Vossen are some of our big favourites as their designs are timeless and the options for customisation of certain wheels is unbelievable.



Lamborghini Trackers

A very important aspect of owning a Lamborghini should be ensuring that you continue to own a Lamborghini and it is not taken from you by an opportunist thief. Our range of CAT 5 GPS vehicle trackers can be installed within your Lamborghini to give you piece of mind that your pride and joy  has the maximum amount of protection against theft.


The above products and service offered by Wrapvehicles are just a section of what we can offer to our clients across the UK. We are based in Manchester, so predominantly work with Manchester and Cheshire based clients, but we can offer our products and services nationwide if required.

Should you need more information about certain products, or want us to generate a quote for you please get in touch.

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