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Luxury car tow bar options available

Fixed car tow bars

Removable car tow bars

Retractable car tow bars

Electric retractable car tow bars

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Car Tow Bars in Manchester & Cheshire by Wrapvehicles

At Wrapvehicles Manchester we like to offer a complete range of car modifications to make the car customisation process as simple and hassle free as possible. One of our newest and most popular products are our car tow bars. They are an often overlooked car modification as they have the image of being an aftermarket part that needs to be installed at a specialist towing company. The installation of a towbar is very labour intensive but our staff are highly trained and can install a variety of tow bars to all types of cars.

A car towbar can be a perfect modification for luxury cars and 4x4s as it gives you the ability to use your car to its maximum potential. Towing caravans, towing trailers, etc are a very common requirement and with one of our high quality car tow bars you can do this in your Audi, BMW, Mercedes, etc. 


Car towbar options

We have 3 main car towbar options available at our Manchester installation centre.


Fixed towbar

The fixed tow bar is the standard option, it is fixed to the car and always present and ready to help you tow when needed.


Removable towbar

This is our most popular car towbar, it works exactly the same as the fixed towbar, but it allows the towbar hook to be removed and storage inside the car. Also the electrics fold away out of sight. This is such a popular modification for our customer’s are they appreciate the aesthetic of their cars, so being able to hide away the towbar and leave no signs of it on the exterior of the car (when it is not is use) is a massive bonus and keeps the car looking great.


Retractable towbar

This is also a popular towbar option we offer at Wrapvehicles Manchester, the retractable towbars work just like the removable tow bars, but instead of unclipping the towbar hook & ball, the towbar folds away underneath the car by just pressing a button.

The retraceable tow bars are also available with a remote function on some luxury makes and model. So the towbars can be electrically retracted or unveiled with just a press of a remote control button.


All of the towbars we install at Wrapvehicles come with full electrics and high quality guaranteed installations that will work seamlessly with your car.


To find out what car towbars we have suitable for your vehicle please feel free to call or email us.

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