BMW Wraps Manchester

BMW Wraps Manchester BMW Wraps Manchester
  • BMW Wraps Manchester
  • BMW Wraps Manchester

Product Details

• Guaranteed quality wraps

• Large range of colours

• Great choice of finishes including matte, chrome & carbon

• Door sill wrapping available on request

• Will not damage paintwork

• Easy to remove when requested

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BMW Wraps in Manchester

Maybe you already own a BMW and want a change of colour, maybe you are on the look out for that perfect BMW but are struggling to find it in the colour you want. A BMW wrap is idea as it can transform the colour and style of your BMW without permanently altering the paintwork, so when it comes to reselling the vehicle it should be far easier and you also have the option of keeping the wrap on the BMW and possibly increasing the resale value.

An additional service that can offer for premium makes & models like BMW is to add the wrap film to the door sills. Wrapping the sills of a car are not included in the normal cost of a wrap as to do it correctly usually requires significant parts of the vehicle to be removed, however for BMWs we can arrange for a highly experienced body-shop to remove the parts while we wrap the areas and replace them to the manufacturers standard with a guarantee. Wrapping the sills can allow for an even more convincing wrap as once there areas are covered it will be very difficult to find any paintwork on the vehicle that is not covered in its new wrap vinyl colour.

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