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  • Bmw Retro Fit
  • Bmw Retro Fit
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  • Bmw Retro Fit
  • Bmw Retro Fit
  • Bmw Retro Fit
  • Bmw Retro Fit
  • Bmw Retro Fit
  • Bmw Retro Fit

Popular BMW retro fitting options available

Heated seats

Factory Sat Nav

Reverse cameras

Parking sensors

GPS trackers

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Bmw Retro Fit by Wrapvehicles in Manchester & Cheshire


The BMW brand is a very popular car brand with our clients, around 30% of the car wraps we carry out at our installation centre in Manchester are BMW models. To keep our clients happy and offer them a truly complete service we have make a conscious effort to grow our product range and offer extra items and services specific for retrofitting to BMW models. 

This has allowed us to offer an improved range of products for the BMW brand, going beyond our external styling modifications (vehicle wrapping, tints, wheels, decals, etc).

The BMW retro fit options we offer at Wrapvehicles are extensive and can help to solve the issues related to buying used cars or pre-registered cars that don’t have the spec you would have liked. With our vehicle wrapping we have been helping our customers save money by giving them the ability to buy a car in a less desirable colour, such as gold or green (for a greatly reduced cost) and wrapping it in a colour that is more popular (black, red, etc) or specific to their personal tastes. After several years of doing this, the concept of doing this has lead to us offering a similar service for optional extras on BMW, Audi and Mercedes models. This retrofitting process gives our clients the ability to “correct” their BMW after its purchase, with the installation of improved and bespoke specifications and optional extras.

Here is just a section of the BMW retrofit options we offer to our clients at Wrapvehicles in Manchester / Cheshire.

BMW factory Sat Nav

A major complaint for many of our customers purchasing a pre-registered BMW / used BMW is the lack of a factory fitted satellite navigation system. Thanks to Wrapvehicles there is no need to do without sat nav in your car, just because a previous owner of your BMW didn’t tick this option when ordering the car from factory. With our BMW retrofitting you can have the BMW factory sat nav installed and updated to the most up to date maps and features.

Missing the nice perks of a high end BMW?

If your used or pre-registered BMW has been unfortunately under specced on the original factory order we can help. With the help of Wrapvehicles BMW retrofitting we can add in great features such as electric folding wing mirrors, remote boot close (tailgate), flush fit parking sensors, cruise control, etc.

Parking packages

Wrapvehicles can add flush fit parking sensors to your car if they are not factory fitted, not only that but we can add in fully integrated reversing camera systems that seamless pair to the BMW dash screen and entertainment systems, they work as if they were fitted at the factory when the car was built.


A full range of security features including alarms, immobilisers and GPS vehicle trackers can be installed into your BMW to protect it against theft.

And to assist with safety whilst driving we can install witness cameras to monitor driving and record the view ahead incase on accidents.


iPhone /iPod integration can be achieved easily with older BMW entertainment systems, handsfree phone and bluetooth support are also a possibility.

DAB radio can be added to older models and if you would like to go beyond retrofit options we can upgrade factory speakers, install digital TV and add headrest mounted screens into your BMW.

To get your perfect specced BMW and get more information about the BMW retro fit options we have available at Wrapvehicles please give us a call on 0161 641 8374 or email us at

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