Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range

Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range
  • Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range
  • Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range
  • Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range
  • Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range
  • Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range
  • Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range
  • Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range
  • Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range
  • Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range
  • Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range
  • Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range
  • Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range
  • Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range
  • Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range
  • Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range
  • Vehicle Wrap Complete Colour Range


3M 1080 Wrap range

Avery Supreme Wrap range

Oracal Premium Wrap range

Hexis HX20000 and Hx30000 Wrap range

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Complete Vehicle Wrap Colour Range

At Wrapvehicles we only use the best available vehicle wrapping vinyls, we do this to ensure that we can guarantee our car wrap installs and for our DIY wrappers we are supplying them with high quality wrapping vinyls that will get their job done. Wrapvehicles has be in business for almost a decade, in this time we have tried and tested almost every brand of vehicle wrap vinyl. By testing out all of the available materials we can recommend what is best to use and also eliminate the use of poor quality vehicle wrap vinyls to reduce the risk of installation and longevity issues with out car wrap installs.

What we have learned about the vehicle wrapping vinyls is that you cannot cut corners, if you want a vinyl that will be easy to install and also actually work for vehicle wrapping long term and not just for a few weeks , then you have to spend money. Low cost wrapping vinyls seem like a great idea but they are highly likely to fail within a few days or weeks, with peeling, bubbles, discolouration, etc happening very quickly and making that bargain vinyl a waste of money and also a waste of labour time. The quality vehicle wrap vinyls that will stand the test of time and also be easy to install are priced high, but they have to be as they have been formulated using thousands of hours of research and development to create a wrapping vinyl that will work long term and offer consistently good performance.

View the complete vehicle wrap vinyl colour range at Wrapvehicles. All of these car wrapping vinyl are used by Wrapvehicles to produce amazing wraps on vehicles. We also offer all of these vehicle wrap vinyls for a DIY installation, so if you are looking for a specific colour you should find it here.

Currently at Wrapvehicles we use only 6 brands of wrapping vinyl including the 3 most popular UK brands 3M, Avery and Hexis. This allows us to guarantee high quality installations on all our vehicle wraps whilst also giving us a huge range of colours and finishes to accommodate for all clients.

On this page you can find our current colour range (excluding velvet wraps) as of 2018, each wrap vinyl manufacturer updates their range on regular basis , so if you cannot see the colour you require here please contact us and w will see if we can help.

This page shows the most comprehensive list of colour charts for the vehicle wrapping ranges from the main brands, colours that are not listed here are probably not worth installing on a car as they will not be of good enough quality. All of the vehicle wrap vinyls listed here can be ordered on a supply only basis for DIY installations, etc. Or you can order your car to be wrapped in one of these colours by Wrapvehicles at our Manchester vehicle wrapping installation centre.

Our vehicle wrapping vinyls are available in a large variety of colours and finishes, the colours are listed on this page, the finishes available include gloss, gloss metallic, gloss aluminium, matte, metallic matte, satin, metallic satin, brushed aluminium, textured carbon fibre, gloss carbon fibre, velvet, alligator skin, leather, sequins, glitter, metal flake, colour flow, colour flip, chameleon, iridescent, chrome, satin chrome, matte chrome, pearlescent, candy, diamond, high-gloss.


Extra large images of our Vehicle Wrap colour range are available at the bottom of this page.

Please feel free to peruse the vehicle wrap vinyl colour charts on the Wrapvehicles website and get in touch for more information.

All of the colours shown here are available for installations onto a variety of vehicles (cars, vans, buses, planes, boats, etc) and can also be supplied off the roll for DIY installations. Just call us or email us on for prices on these vehicle wraps and for vinyl orders.

Supply only vinyl orders are usually available with next day delivery and most colours can be ordered by the metre (linear metre).


The wrap vinyl range including the following branded items:

Avery Supreme range

SWF 804 Rushing Riptide (Cyan/ Purple)

SWF 811 Gloss Fresh Spring (Gold/Silver)

SWF 803 Rising Sun (Red/Gold)

SWF 805 Urban Jungle (Silver/ Green)

SWF 813 Gloss Rising Sun (Red/Gold)

SWF 814 Gloss Rushing Riptide (Cyan/Purple)

SWF 812 Gloss Roaring Thunder (Blue/Red)

SWF 815 Gloss Urban Jungle (Silver/Green) Gloss Metallic

SWF 251 Gloss Metallic Bright Blue

SWF 977 Satin Metallic Light Grey

SWF 212 Gloss Metallic Black

SWF 231 Gloss Metallic Brown

SWF 230 Gloss Metallic Blaze Orange

SWF 273 Gloss Metallic Quick Silver

SWF 250 Gloss Metallic Dark Blue

SWF 933 Satin Metallic Light Brown

SWF 235 Gloss Metallic Gold

SWF 270 Gloss Metallic Grey

SWF 934 Satin Metallic Hans Brown

SWF 274 Gloss Metallic Silver

SWF 262 Satin Metallic Acid Green

SWF 952 Satin Metallic Dark Blue

SWF 971 Satin Metallic Dove Grey

SWF 978 Satin Metallic Graphite

SWF 955 Satin Metallic Grey Blue 

SWF 561 Pearl Light Green

SWF 562 Pearl Dark Green

SWF 510 Pearl White

SWF 535 Pearl Gold Orange

SWF 540 Pearl Pearl Red Matt Metallic

SWF 331 Matt Metallic Blaze Orange

SWF 333 Matt Metallic Brown

SWF 341 Matt Metallic Cherry

SWF 160 Matt Emerald Green

SWF 112 Matt Black

SWF 130 Matt Orange

SWF 750 Diamond Blue

SWF 721 Diamond Amber

SWF 740 Diamond Red

SWF 441 Satin Carmine Red

SWF 411 Satin Pearl White

SWF 445 Satin Bubblegum Pink

SWF 462 Satin Khaki Green

SWF 410 Satin White

SWF 446 Satin Awesome Orchid

SWF 412 Satin Satin Black

SWF 056 Smokey Blue

SWF 055 Cloudy Blue

SWF 064 Light Pistachio

SWF 057 Sea Breeze Blue

SWF 065 Gloss Metallic Radioactive

SWF 051 Gloss Dark Blue

SWF 071 Gloss Dark Grey

SWF 070 Gloss Grey

SWF 043 Gloss Carmine Red

SWF 042 Gloss Cardinal Red

SWF 063 Gloss Grass Green

SWF 054 Gloss Light Blue

SWF 050 Gloss Blue

SWF 073 Gloss Light Grey

SWF 052 Gloss Indigo Blue

SWF 053 Gloss Intense Blue

SWF 060 Gloss Dark Green

SWF 030 Gloss Orange

SWF 040 Gloss Red

SWF 021 Gloss Dark Yellow

SWF 044 Gloss Burgundy

SWF 020 Gloss Yellow

SWF 010 Gloss White

SWF 041 Gloss Soft Red

SWF 012 Gloss Black

SWF 062 Gloss Lime Green

SWF 058 Gloss Magnetic Burst

SWF 045 Gloss Metallic Spark

SWF 013 Gloss Eclipse

SWF 022 Gloss Ambulance Yellow

SWF 061 Gloss Emerald Green

SWF 342 Matt Metallic Garnet Red

SWF 345 Matt Metallic Pink

SWF 355 Matt Metallic Night Blue

SWF 354 Matt Metallic Frosty Blue

SWF 361 Matt Metallic Apple Green

SWF 362 Matt Metallic Emerald

SWF 358 Matt Metallic Purple

SWF 353 Matt Metallic Powder Blue

SWF 350 Matt Metallic Blue

SWF 371 Matt Metallic Anthracite

SWF 370 Matt Metallic Silver Matt

SWF 110 Matt White

SWF 161 Matt Khaki Green

SWF 170 Matt Dark Grey

SWF 181 Matt Beige

SWF 710 Diamond White

SWF 770 Diamond Silver

SWF 320 Matt Metallic Yellow Green

SWF 351 Matt Metallic Brilliant Blue

SWF 374 Matt Metallic Grey

SWF 372 Matt Metallic Gunmetal

SWF 373 Matt Metallic Charcoal Extreme Texture

SWF 610 Carbon Fibre White

SWF 612 Carbon Fibre Black

SWF 623 Brushed Aluminium

SWF 624 Brushed Steel

SWF 622 Brushed Black

SWF 625 Brushed Titanium

SWF 630 Brushed Bronze

SWF 801 Fresh Spring (Gold/Silver)

SWF 802 Roaring Thunder (Blue/ Red)

SWF 816 Gloss Lightening Ridge

SWF 817 Satin Lightening

Newest Avery Colours


SWF Gloss Metallic 




SWF Gloss Metallic 




SWF Gloss Metallic 



Magnetic Burst 

SWF Gloss Metallic 



Gloss Light Pistachio 

EU* BK9540001

Gloss Cloudy Blue EU* 


Gloss Sea-Breeze Blue EU* 


Gloss Smoky Blue EU* 


Pearl White CB1610002

Pearl Light Green AS8950001

Pearl Dark Green AS8960001

Satin White 


Satin White Pearl 


Satin Bubblegum Pink 


Satin Carmine Red 


Satin Khaki Green 


Satin Black AW1680001

Satin Metallic Dove Grey EU* 


Satin Metallic Dark Blue EU* 


Satin Metallic Light Brown EU* 


Satin Metallic Hans Brown EU* BJ0880001

Satin Metallic Grey Blue EU* 


Satin Metallic Light Grey EU* BJ0890001

Satin Metallic Graphite EU* 


Gloss White 


Gloss Yellow 


Gloss Dark Yellow 


Gloss Orange 


Gloss Light Grey 


Gloss Red 


Gloss Cardinal Red 


Gloss Soft Red 


Gloss Carmine Red 


Gloss Burgundy 


Gloss Light Blue 


Gloss Intense Blue 


Gloss Blue 


Gloss Dark Blue 


Gloss Indigo Blue 


Gloss Ambulance Yellow 


Gloss Lime Green 


Gloss Grass Green 


Gloss Emerald Green 


Gloss Dark Green 


Gloss Grey 


Gloss Dark Grey 


Gloss Black 


Gloss Light Pistachio 

EU* BK9540001

Gloss Cloudy Blue EU* 


Gloss Sea-Breeze Blue EU* 


Gloss Smoky Blue EU* 


Matte Metallic

Matte Metallic Silver AP2270001

Matte Metallic Anthracite AP2280001

Matte Metallic Gunmetal AS9120001

Matte Metallic Charcoal AS9130001

Matte Metallic Pink AP2230001

Matte Metallic Cherry AP2220001

Matte Metallic Garnet Red AS9020001

Matte Metallic Blaze Orange AV3010001

Matte Metallic Brown AS9000001

Matte Metallic Yellow Green AP2260001

Matte Metallic Apple Green AS8970001

Matte Metallic Emerald AS9010001

Matte Metallic Frosty Blue AS9070001

Matte Metallic Powder Blue AS9050001

Matte Metallic Grey 

EU* AP2290001

Matte Metallic Blue AS9080001

Matte Metallic Brilliant Blue AS9090001

Matte Metallic Purple AS4220001

Matte Metallic Night Blue AS9100001

Matte White 


Matte Orange 


Matte Khaki Green 


Matte Dark Grey 


Matte Black 


Matte Blue 



Extreme Texture

Textured Brushed Bronze 


Textured Brushed Aluminium 


Textured Brushed Titanium 


Textured Brushed Steel 


Textured Brushed Black 


Textured Carbon Fibre Black 




White BD3030001





Red BD3040001


Blue BD2890001

Diamond Silver 


Gloss Metallic

Gloss Metallic Silver CB1570001

Gloss Metallic Quick Silver AV2560002

Gloss Metallic 


NEW! BL8170001

Gloss Metallic 

Spark NEW! BL8200001

Gloss Metallic Bright Blue CB1620001

Gloss Metallic 

Magnetic Burst NEW! BL8230001

Gloss Metallic Dark Blue CB1660001

Gloss Metallic Gold CB1580001

Gloss Metallic Brown CB1630001

Gloss Metallic Grey CB1590001

Gloss Metallic Acid Green 



Gloss Metallic 

Eclipse NEW! BL8220001

Gloss Metallic Black CB1600001

ColorFlow™ Satin

ColorFlow™ Satin 

Fresh Spring 

Gold/Silver BG7460001

ColorFlow™ Satin 

Roaring Thunder 



ColorFlow™ Satin 

Rising Sun 



ColorFlow™ Satin 

Urban Jungle 

Silver/Green BG7590001

ColorFlow™ Satin 

Rushing Riptide Cyan/Purple BG7600001

ColorFlow™ Satin 

Lightning Ridge Purple/Green BJ1080001

ColorFlow™ Gloss


3M 1080 Series range

1080-G54 Bright Orange

1080-GP298 Gloss Wicked

1080-G46 Kelly Green

1080-G247 Gloss Ice Blue

1080-G47 Intense Blue

1080-GP258 Gloss Plum Explosion

1080-G103 Hot Pink

1080-G31 Gloss Storm Gray

1080-G25 Sunflower

1080-G127 Gloss Boat Blue

1080-G79 Light Ivory

1080-G83 Dark Red

1080-G10 Gloss White

1080-G77 Sky Blue

1080-G3044 Light Green

1080-G212 Gloss Black Metallic

1080-G348 Gloss Fierce Fuchsia

1080-G211 Gloss Charcoal Metallic

1080-G336 Gloss Green Envy

1080-GP282 Gloss Pearl Ember Black

1080-G344 Gloss Liquid Copper

1080-GP272 Gloss Pearl Midnight Blue

1080-G241 Gloss Gold Metallic

1080-G377 Gloss Cosmic Blue

1080-G120 Gloss White Aluminium

1080-G251 Gloss Sterling Silver

1080-G378 Gloss Blue Raspberry

1080-G201 Gloss Anthracite

1080-G335 Gloss Lemon Sting

1080-GP99 Gloss Pearl Black Rose

1080-G203 Gloss Red Metallic

1080-G217 Gloss Blue Steel Metallic

1080-G363 Gloss Dragon Fire Red

1080-G227 Gloss Blue Metallic

1080-G364 Gloss Fiery Orange

1080-G356 Gloss Atomic Teal

1080-G337 Gloss Blue Fire

1080-GP292 Gloss Galaxy Black

1080-GP291 Gloss Glacier Grey

1080-M203 Matt Red Metallic

1080-M211 Matt Charcoal Metallic

1080-M206 Matt Pine Green Metallic

1080-M227 Matt Blue Metallic

1080-M229 Matt Copper Metallic

1080 M230 Matt Grey Aluminium

1080-CFS10 Carbon Fibre White

1080-CFS201 Carbon Fibre Anthracite

1080-S271 Satin Thundercloud

1080-SP242 Satin Gold Dust Black

1080-BR120 Brushed Aluminium

1080-BR212 Brushed Black Metallic

1080-S10 Satin White

1080-GP253 Cinder Spark Red

1080-BR201 Brushed Steel

1080-GP240 White Gold Sparkle

1080-S327 Satin Ocean Shimmer

1080-SP273 Satin Vampire Red

1080-BR217 Brushed Steel Blue

1080-S12 Satin Black

1080-S335 Satin Bitter Yellow

1080-BR230 Brushed Titanium

1080-S51 Satin Battleship Grey

1080-S344 Satin Canyon Copper

1080-S261 Satin Dark Grey

1080-SP10 Satin Pearl White

1080-SP236 Satin Flip Volcanic Flare

1080-SP240 Satin Frozen Vanilla

1080-GP287 Flip Electric Wave

1080-SP277 Flip Glacial Frost

1080-S120 Satin White Aluminium

1080-S347 Satin Perfect Blue

1080-S196 Satin Apple Green

1080-S363 Satin Smoldering Red

1080-GP281 Gloss Flip Psychedelic

1080-SP59 Satin Caramel Luster

1080-SP276 Flip Caribbean Shimmer

1080-M261 Matt Dark Grey

1080-M54 Matt Orange

1080-M67 Matt Riviera Blue

1080-M22 Matt Deep Black

1080-M26 Matt Military Green

1080-M27 Matt Dark Navy

1080-M12 Matt Black

1080-M13 Matt Hotrod Red

1080-M10 Matt White

1080-DM12 Dead Matt Black

1080-S57 Satin Key West

1080-SB12 Shadow Black

1080-MX12 Matrix Black

1080-SP280 Satin Flip Ghost Pearl

1080-G15 Bright Yellow

1080-G12 Gloss Black

1080-G13 Hotrod Red

1080-G14 Burnt Orange

1080-GP278 Gloss Flip Deep Space


Newest 3M colours 

1080-GP280 Gloss Flip Ghost Pearl

1080-SB26 Shadow Military Green

1080-GC451 Gloss Silver Chrome


Hexis HX20000 & HX30000 range


HX30002M (1) Matt White

HX30108M Matt Yellow

HX30165M (1) Matt Orange

HX30200 (1) Matt Red

HX30220M (1) Matt Pink

HX30375M (1) Matt Kiwi Green

HX30369M (1) Matt Apple Green

HX30VMIM (1) Matt Military Green

HX30281M (1) Matt Light Navy Blue

HX30BTUM (1) Matt Turquoise Blue

HX30476M Matt Brown

HX30MMAM (1) Matt Marrakesh Brown

HX30NPRM (1) Matt Black

HX30890M (1) Matt Super Black

HX30905M (1) Matt Blue Metallic

HX30GGIM (1) Matt Grey Metallic

HX30990M (1) Matt Silver Metallic

HX30BLPM (1) Matt White Sparkle

HX30NEPM (1) Matt Black Sparkle

HX30BNCB (2) VarioChrome Oyster

HX30BPEB (2) VarioChrome White!Pink

HX30RDIB (2) VarioChrome Rose

HX30BBOB (2) VarioChrome Blue

HX30BLAB (2) VarioChrome Green/Blue

HX30CAUB (2) VarioChrome Orange/Pink

HX30MAUB (2) VarioChrome Gold/Pink

HX30WSB (2) VarioChrome Beetle

HX30CA003B (3) Carbon Fibre White

HX30CAJTIB (3) Carbon Fibre Yellow

HX30CA200B (3) Carbon Fibre Red

HX30CABPEB (3) Carbon Fibre Pearl

HX30CAWSB (3) Carbon Fibre Beetle

HX30CAWIB (3) Carbon Fibre Green

HX30CABVAB (3) Carbon Fibre Blue

HX30CAGMEB (3) Carbon Fibre Silver Grey

HX30CAGGRB (3) Carbon Fibre Dark Grey

HX30CA890B (3) Carbon Fibre Black

HX30CASBRB (5) Carbon Fibre Silver

HX30CAGBRB (5) Carbon Fibre Gold

HX30Al003B (4) Alligator White

HX30AL890B (4) Alligator Black

HX30ALGMIB (4) Alligator Sliver

HX30ALMMIB (4) Alligator Gold

HX30S0890B (4) Sequin Black

HX30SQGMIB (4) Sequin Silver

HX30SOMMIB (4) Sequin Gold

HX30PGOVOB {4) Leather Orange

HX30PGMBRB (4) Leather Chestnut

HX30PGGTAB (4) Leather Grey

HX30PG889B (4) Leather Black

HX30BASILB (2) Brushed Aluminium

HX30CHSBRB (6) Silver Chrome

HX20P001B (9) Zeus Gold

HX20P003B (9) Hephaestus Red

HX20P002B (9) Aphrodite Pink

HX20P006B (9) Artemis Green

HX20P004B (9) Apollo Blue

HX20P005B (9) Triton Blue

HX20BSAB (9) Saturn White

HX200AUB (9) Aurora Orange

HX20RGRB (9) Garnet Red

HX20RDRB (9) Jellybean Pink

HX20RINB (9) Indian Pink

HX20VBYB (9) Byzantine Violet

HX20BFJB (9) Fjord Blue

HX20BFRB (9) French Blue

HX20NCAB (9) Catechu Black

HX30JIMB (10) Imperial Yellow

HX300PAB (10) Papaya Orange

HX30RGOB (10) Gooseberry Red

HX30VBOB (10) Boston Green

HX30BNEB (10) Neon Blue

HX30BDMB (10) Midnight Blue

HX30GDPB (10) Payne Grey

HX20002B (1) Lapland White

HX20003B (1) Glacier White

HX20BTXB (2) Taxi Beige

HX20468B (2) Ivory

HX20108B (2) Lemon Yellow

HX20109B (2) Sun Yellow

HX20123B (2) Daffodil Yellow

HX20JMIB (2) EU Yellow

HX20JGE (2) UK Yellow

HX20165B (2) Mandarin Orange

HX20795B (2) Fire Red

HX20485B (2) Tomato Red

HX20186B (2) Cherry Red

HX20207B (2) Raspberry Red

HX20200B (2) Blood Red

HX20PCAB (2) Candy Pink

HX20220B (2) Fuchsia Pink

HX20527B (2) Purple

HX21VELB Electric Green

HX20375B (2) Kiwi Green

HX20369B (2) Apple Green

HX20348B (2) Emerald Green

HX20336B (2) Racing Green

HX20BTIB Tiffany Blue

HX20298B (2) Lakeview Blue

HX20299B (2) Olympic Blue

HX20293B (2) Intense Blue

HX20300B (2) Vivid Blue

HX20280B (2) Sapphire Blue

HX20281B (2) Navy Blue

HX20BALB (2) Albacore Blue

HX20532B (2) Dark Navy Blue

HX20BACB (2) Steel Blue

HX20428B (2) Oyster Grey

HX20GCAB (2) EU Grey

HX20445B (2) Dark Grey

HX20446B (2) Traffic Grey

HX20476B (2) Brown

HX20MCAB (2) Transport Brown

HX20889B (1) Ebony Black

HX20890B (1) Deep Black

HX20877B (2) Silver

HX20871B (2) Gold

HX20BCMB (3) Ash Beige Metallic

HX20JPMB (3) Phoenix Yellow

HX20905B (3) Blue Metallic

HX20948B (3) Bronze Metallic

HX20MMAB (3) Marrakesh Brown Metallic

HX20990B (3) Meteorite Silver Metallic

HX20433B (3) Charcoal Metallic

HX20BLPB (4) White Sparkle

HX20NEPB (4) Black Sparkle

HX20002M (5) Matt White

HX20108M (6) Matt Yellow

HX20165M  Matt Orange

HX20200M (6) Matt Red

HX20PCAM (6) Matt Candy Pink

HX20220M (6) Matt Fuchsia Pink

HX20375M (6) Matt Kiwi Green

HX20369M (6) Matt Apple Green

HX20NPRM (5) Matt Black

HX20890M (5) Matt Super Black

HX20905M (7) Matt Blue Metallic

HX20GGIM (7) Matt Grey Metallic

HX20990M (7) Matt Silver Metallic

HX20VMIM (6) Matt Military Green

HX20BLPM (8) Matt White Sparkle

HX20281M (6) Matt Light Navy Blue

HX20NEPM (8) Matt Black Sparkle

HX20BTUM (6) Matt Turquoise Blue


Newest Hexis colours

HX20N03B Gloss Raven Rose

HX20001B Super-Car Ultra White Gloss

HX20G06B Nardo Grey Gloss

HX20R05B Hot Rod Red Gloss

HX20661S Canyon Copper Met Satin

HX20B11M SKINTAC HX20000 South Seas Blue Matt


Oracal vehicle wrap vinyl colour range


NEW - ORACAL® 970RA Unique Colours by Will Castro Designs


100 Sunset Shift, Gloss

905 Black Galactic Gold, Gloss

372M Matte Imperial Red Pearl

954 Crystal White

959 Tangerine Dream

961 Lucious Lips

963 Jetstream Blue 


ORACAL® 970RA Premium Shift Effect Wrapping Cast (Gloss & Matte)


155 Intergalactic Blue

988 Green Blue

989 Turquoise Lavender

990 Aubergine Bronze

316 Amethyst

319 Ultramarine Violet

318 Aquamarine

315 Pearl Symphony

313 Cranberry

317 Avocado


ORACAL® 970RA Premium Wrapping Cast (Gloss)


010 White

809 Taxibeige

816 Papyrus

201 Crocus Yellow

010 Canary Yellow

216 Traffic Yellow

022 Light Yellow

010 Maize Yellow

020 Golden Yellow

208 Post Office Yellow

256 Cargo Yellow

300 Mandarin

351 Municipal Orange

363 Daggi Orange

032 Light Red

897 Rose Hip

028 Cardinal Red

031 Red

305 Geranium Red

882 Cargo Red

371 Chile Red

030 Dark Red

026 Purple Red

045 Soft Pink

077 Telemagenta

056 Ice Blue

555 Glacier Blue

547 Fjord Blue

509 Sea Blue

572 Police Blue

057 Traffic Blue

067 Blue

049 King Blue

511 Night Blue

544 Indigo Blue

553 Lagoon

564 Light Navy

155 Intergalactic Blue

177 Yacht Blue

464 Lawn Green

688 Algae Green

602 Grass Green

486 Tree Green

612 Police Green

689 Juniper

622 Fir Tree Green

286 Bottle Green

711 Stone Grey

730 Simple Grey

724 Ice Grey

076 Telegrey

073 Dark Grey

070 Black

196 Night Blue Metallic

192 Deep Blue Metallic

677 Fir Tree Green Metallic

704 Black Metallic

922 Brass Metallic

926 Pyrite

920 Bronze Metallic

921 Bronze Antique

874 Orient Brown Metallic

091 Gold

946 Nacre

904 Silver Lake

090 Silver Grey

908 Aluminium

369 Red Brown Metallic

933 Tin Metallic

934 Zinc Metallic

935 Grey Cast Iron

406 Violet Metallic

195 Dove Blue Metallic

932 Graphite Metallic

937 Charcoal Metallic


ORACAL® 970RA Premium Wrapping Cast (Matte)


010M Matte White

223M Matte Safron Yellow

285M Matte Nato Olive

070M Matte Black

055M Matte Mint

090M Matte Silver Grey Metallic

932M Matte Graphite Metallic

937M Matte Charcoal Metallic

093M Matte Anthracite Metallic

091M Matte Gold

196M Night Blue Metallic

926M Matte Pyrite

351M Matte Red Gold Metallic

363M Matte Copper

920M Matte Bronze

897M Matte Dark Red Metallic

369M Matte Red Brown Metallic

406M Matte Violet Metallic

197M Matte Azure Metallic

882M Matte Blue Metallic

190M Matte Moonlight Metallic


ORACAL® 975CA Premium Structure Cast (Carbon)


000 Transparent

010 White

070 Black

080 Brown

090 Silver Grey

091 Gold

093 Anthracite

305 Geranium Red

536 Middle Blue


ORACAL® 975BR Premium Structure Cast (Brushed)


090 Silver Grey

091 Gold

192 Deep Blue Metallic

932 Graphite Metallic

933 Tin Metallic

ORACAL® 975HC Premium Structure Cast (Honeycomb)

070 Black

090 Silver Grey

091 Gold

192 Deep Blue Metallic

933 Tin Metallic


ORACAL® 975CR Premium Structure Cast (Crocodile)


070 Black

080 Brown

622 Fir Tree Green


ORACAL® 975CO Premium Structure Cast (Cocoon)


070 Black

090 Silver Grey


ORACAL® 975DN Premium Structure Cast (Dune)


070 Black

080 Brown


ORACAL® 975EM Premium Structure Cast (Emulsion)


070 Black

090 Silver Grey

Avery wrap range colours

Avery colour wrap range 2

Avery wrap colour range 3

Avery vehicle wrap colour range 5

Avery car wrap colour range color flow

Avery vehicle wrap range colours 9

Avery vehicle wrap colour range 8

Avery vehicle wrap colour range uk

hexis vehicle wrap colour range 1

hexis car wrap colour range 2

hexis vehicle wrap colour range 3

hexis vehicle wrap colour range manchester

hexis chrome car wrap colour range uk

3m vehicle wrap colour range 1

3m 1080 vehicle wrap vinyl colour range

3m 1080 colour range uk

3m 1080 vehicle wrap colour range 3

3m car wrap colour range uk

3m 1080 vinyl wrap colours uk

3m car wrap colours manchester 8

3m carr wrapping colour range uk

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