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Main Truckman products available

Truckman hardtops



Roll bars

A bars

Side steps

Hella lights



Tailgate lifters

Roof racks

Alloy wheels

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Truckman in Manchester & Cheshire

Truckman is the UK’s leading manufacturers of hardtops for 4x4 pickups, the is why we at Wrapvehicles have been so keen to add their products to our extensive vehicle accessory range. At Wrapvehicles Manchester we are dedicated to offering a range of high quality vehicle accessories and modifications to suit our customer’s requirements and allow us to offer full pick up modification packages for personal or commercial use.

The complete range of available Truckman pickup truck products and accessories can now be viewed at our stand-alone site TruckmanUK 

The core and most popular Truckman product is the luxury hardtop. The hardtop truckman allows the rear deck of a pickup to be converted into a secure, clean and dry space at the back of the vehicle. The Truckman effectively allows the pickup to be better utilised in the UK with its temperamental climate. It also adds height to the rear deck, allow it to be better utilised for storage and access.


Truckman hard tops


The Truckman hard top range is large and gives a great choice for our customers, allowing them to choose the perfect pickup hardtop solution to suit their needs.

Some Truckman pick up hardtops are available with windows and some with solid sides. Below is the complete range as of 2018.


Truckman S series


This version of the truckman hardtop has been designed for superior access. It features lift up “gull-wing” style doors/windows on the sides and rear. Making access to the inside of the hardtop very very easy. It has a huge range fo features including remote central locking, interior lighting, tinted windows, rear spoiler and sliding bulkhead window.

Optional extras on the Truckman S Series are LED brakelight, roof bars, heated rear screen. The Truckman S Series extends the height of the rear to the same height as the cab, is colour coded to match the rest of the pick up and is fitted via a clamp mechanism, so no drilling required. This means it is totally removable and suitable for leased pickup trucks.

The Truckman S Series is available with both glass and solid sides. This Truckman hard top comes with a 3 year warranty.

Overall the Truckman S Series is a great solution for both personal and commercial use.


Truckman GLS

The Truckman GLS is very similar to the Truckman S Series but loses the “gull-wing” doors/windows. It shares the main key features of the S Series including remote central locking, rear spoiler, tinted windows, colour coding and additional height (up to cab height)

The main difference is that the side windows slide to open, so access it slightly restricted, but it makes it ideal for people who want to carry and transport dogs.

This Truckman hard top comes with a 3 year warranty.


Truckman Max


The Truckman Max is available with either side windows or solid side panels. The design is similar to the Truckman S Series but it is aimed slightly more towards to commercial sector. The design is simplified slightly and made from recyclable ABS plastics.

The key features of the Truckman Max and Max Solid are as follows:

  • Remote central locking
  • Tinted window(s)
  • Colour coding
  • Fix roof bars
  • Height extend to cab height
  • Carpet lined interior
  • High level brake light


Again like the Truckman S Series the Truckman Max features clamp fitting, so no drilling is required, allowing the pick up to be converted back to original very easily.

This Truckman hard top comes with a 3 year warranty.



Truckman XL

The Truckman XL is an affordable option that still features a high quality and stylish design with several key features including remote locking, sliding side windows, colour coding and heated rear screen.

Again the Truckman XL features the clamp fitting, so no drilling required for this hardtop.

The Truckman XL is a great hardtop option for dog owners.


Truckman Sports


The Truckman Sports is one of the slickest Truckman hardtops we sell at Wrapvehicles. It features pop out side windows that give the pickup hardtop a sportier look that is simplified and looks like a factory fit option.

The truckman sport is constructed from laminated fibreglass, so it offers a cost saving compared to some of our other Truckman hardtops, but the overall finish is just as good as the rest of the Truckman hard top range. Whilst the Truckman Sport is a more affordable version of the Truckman hard-top it still features many key features that are available on other, more expensive Truckman hardtops. These features include remote central locking, colour coding, heated rear screen, rear spoiler, roof rails and sliding bulkhead window. The Truckman Sport also benefit from luxurious interior carpeting, giving it a very refined style inside.


Truckman RS

The Truckman RS comes with a 3 year warranty and is only available with solid sides. This makes it one of the most popular hard top options for the commercial sector. Being aimed at the commercial sector means that as standard it comes in gloss white and it is  designed to be fitted with ply lining and features a washable interior.

The simplicity of the Truckman RS design allows it to be easily modified and setup ready for commercial use. It can easily have vents, beacons and roof rails installed.

Other options extras include remote central locking and colour coding.


Truckman Utility

The Truckman Utility hardtop has been specifically designed to allow the pick up truck to be converted into a mobile workshop. It features maximum accessibility with “gull wing” side doors and increased roof height. Being aiming predominantly at the commercial sector it is available in gloss white as standard, but can be colour coded upon request.

Featuring a washable interior and an increased roof strength, it truly is the ultimate commercial Truckman hardtop available.


The Truckman Utility is ideal for field based engineers and fleet customers as it can be customised to suit your specific commercial requirements.



Truckman Classic

The Truckman Classic offers an increased roof strength compared to the rest of the Truckman hardtop range (excluding the Truckman Utility), making it the perfect Truckman hardtop for the everyday tradesman, utility companies and field-based engineers.

Coming as standard in gloss white, it can be easily modified to include roof vents, beacons and a variety of other useful features.

The Truckman Classic offers a high roof capacity and a simplistic interior that is washable and is designed to accommodate ply lining.

Optional extras available for the Truckman Classic include roof bars, colour coding and solid rear doors.


The range of products Truckman allow Wrapvehicles to offer is imense, so much so that we cannot dispaly all of the pickup accessories on this page, we have to showcase them in PDF brochures.

Please download our Truckman brochures to find out about all the amazing pickup accessories we offer at


Other pickup customisation options


But that is not where the Truckman range stops, due to their market leading expertise they have built up an eclectic range of additional 4x4 pickup accessories that is now shared with Wrapvehicles and allows us to offer a huge range of vehicle accessories and modifications for pick up trucks including the Ford Ranger., Isuzu Rodeo & D-Max, Fiat Fullback, Mitsubishi L200, Land Rover Defender, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, VW Amarok and the Mercedes X Class.


Truckman Pickup Roll Bars

Our partnership with Truckman allows us to offer a nice range of pickup roll bars, giving you the ability to add a sporty and stylish addition to your pick up truck.

Our Truckman pickup roll bars are available in 60mm and 76mm thickness piping. As standard they are a high gloss polished stainless steel finish but they can be powdered coated in black or an alternative colour for an additional cost.

They are supplied with installation instructions, but Wrapvehicles can also offer full installation if you would prefer.

We offer a variety of pick up roll bar brands including Cobra and Misutonida.

Nameplates can also be added upon requires.


A bars, Bull bars and bumper protectors

Again, just like the roll bars, the Truckman range allows us to offer several nice A bars and bumper protectors for the front end of pickup trucks. 

These are available as standard in polished stainless steel (powder coating available on request) and just like with the pickup roll bars they are made from tubular steel at either 60mm or 76mm thickness/circumference.

We offer a variety of pick up A bar / bull bar brands including Cobra and Misutonida.


Pickup Side steps

Side steps are a great accessory for pickup trucks, they help to add a stylish and practical modification that gives the pickup more presence.

Wrapvehicles offer a variety of different style pickup side steps including rounded tube style, running board style and flat side steps. LED lights are also available on some side steps to give an additional increase in style.

For practically several of our pickup side steps are designed with incorporated anti-slip rubber sections for standing on.

Fitting is available for all of our pickup side steps, but they do come supplied with installation instructions and are relatively easy to fit and do not require drilling into the vehicle, so can be removed from leased vehicles if and when required.

We offer a variety of pick up side step brands including Cobra and Misutonida.


Hella lights

Another way of “pimping up” your pickup truck is to add additional lighting to it. To cover this requirement we offer Hella lights / spotlights that can be added to the pickups A bar and roll bars.


Skid plates

Another popular product for pickup trucks are skid plates. The pickup skid plates offer additional protection for the underside of the pickup truck, ideal for protecting the vehicle when it is being used off-road. Currently we offer pickup skid plates to protect the engine bay, fuel tank, radiator, transmission and transfer box.



For those customers who like to use their pickup trucks to their maximum capabilities we also offer winches. Our main supplier for pickup truck winches is Warn winches. They offer great quality products that are rigorously tested to ensure durability and performance.



Just like with our standard road cars, we offer a great range of tow bars for pick up trucks. Our tow bar range includes ball and pin and ball and hitch towbars. Full electrics can be added and we also have options for removable and retractable tow bars on most pickup makes and models.


Tonneau covers

If you do not require a full Truckman hardtop we can help to prove a large range of pickup tonneau / pickup bed covers that still give you great access to the bed of the pickup truck.

Our tonneau range is huge and includes options with roller shutters, checker-plate metal, fabric, foldable and solid ABS plastic, colour coded, Mountain Top tonneau, EGR, Roll-top Extreme, Retrax , etc.

Depending on the tonneau selected we can also offer options that can be raised to 45 degrees or vertically all the way up to the cab height.


Tailgate lifters

In addition to the tonneau range we offer tailgate lifters that also incorporate gas strut lifters, we also offer tailgate Prolift and tailgate dampers to make opening and closing the pickup tailgate easier.


Pull out draws and sliding trays

Once you have your Truckman pickup hardtop or tonneau sorted you may want to consider one of our Decked pull out pickup storage systems. These allow the bed of the pickup to be modified to incorporate roll out draws, giving you access to the full bed, without having to open up the rear top each time. Great for storing and organising tools for quick access when on site

Wrapvehicles also offers Truckman sliding trays for the pickup bed sections. These allow you to slide a major section of the bed floor out from the tailgate, making access much easier. These can handle weights of up to 1000kg, so are even suitable for very heavy duty stuff.



When it comes to Bedliners Truckman cover all based, offering both over rail and under rail options. Over rail options are suitable for customers who do not intend to add a Truckman hardtop of tonneau. The pickup bed-lining extends over the edge of the bed, giving maximum protection to the metal. the under rail bed liners stop below the rails, meaning a tonneau or Truckman hardtop can be installed without the bed liner getting in the way.

There are 3 main Truckman bed liners available, one for skid resistance, one for maximum protection and the other for maximum luxury, the Truckman Bedrug. The Bedrug is only available for under rail requirements and is ideal for customers who will be using the pickup bed for transporting their dogs.


Chrome trims

If you are interested in having your pickup truck wrapped by us, or just want to add a bit of extra style to it, we now offer a range of chrome trims that can be added to your pickup and enhance its look. Depending on your make and model we have the following chrome trim available:

Chrome headlight bezels, chrome rear light cluster guards, chrome window trim, chrome door handle covers and chrome wing mirror caps.


Wheel arch extensions

One of the most impressive aesthetic modifications we offer for pickup trucks at Wrapvehicles are the wheel arch extensions, These are available in studded and smooth styles and add a huge amount of presence and customisation to a pickup truck. And as a bonus they can help to protect your pickup against stone chips when driving off-road. Adding some wheel arch extension and some black-out wrapping on your pickup truck can give you the effect of a “Deranged” pickup for a fraction of the cost.


Wind deflectors and bonnet guards

Another stylish way of adding stone chip protection and giving your pickup a customised look can be achieved by adding one of our bonnet guards or side window wind defectors.



Need to carry long items including ladders, building materials and pipes? Then an Invis-a-rack may be exactly what your pickup truck needs. The Invis-a-rack system is collapsable but has a strong aluminium construction that is capable of carrying weights up to 225kg.

The Invis-a-rack effectively gives you the capabilities of a van with a full roof rack installed, but on your pickup. And it folds away into the pickup bed when not is use.


Load related 4x4 pick up truck wheels

A must have upgrade for many pickup truck owners is a nice set of alloy wheels. Whilst many pickup models can physically use wheels from cars (correct stud pattern), not all of these car wheels are load rated, so installing them to heavy pickup truck can cause serious problems. Thankfully Wrapvehicles have sourced a range of load rated pickup wheels that offer attractive styles with the ability to be fitted to heavy pickup trucks with no issues.

In addition to the alloy wheels we can also supply matching high-quality road or off-road tyres.


Truckman @ Wrapvehicles Manchester 


The Truckman products we have available at Wrapvehicles Manchester are available with full and professional fitting as well as on a supply only basis for DIY installation.

To find out more about the Truckman range and the pick up truck accessories we offer at Wrapvehicles please contact us on 0161 641 8374 or email at

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