Range Rover Modifications

Range Rover Modifications Range Rover Modifications Range Rover Modifications Range Rover Modifications Range Rover Modifications Range Rover Modifications Range Rover Modifications Range Rover Modifications Range Rover Modifications Range Rover Modifications Range Rover Modifications Range Rover Modifications Range Rover Modifications Range Rover Modifications Range Rover Modifications Range Rover Modifications
  • Range Rover Modifications
  • Range Rover Modifications
  • Range Rover Modifications
  • Range Rover Modifications
  • Range Rover Modifications
  • Range Rover Modifications
  • Range Rover Modifications
  • Range Rover Modifications
  • Range Rover Modifications
  • Range Rover Modifications
  • Range Rover Modifications
  • Range Rover Modifications
  • Range Rover Modifications
  • Range Rover Modifications
  • Range Rover Modifications
  • Range Rover Modifications

Products available for the Range Rover models

  • Range Rover Wraps
  • Range Rover Window Tints
  • Range Rover Bodykits
  • Range Rover Styling Accessories
  • Range Rover Interior Upgrades
  • Range Rover Alloy Wheels
  • Range Rover Performance Enhancement
  • Range Rover Trackers

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Range Rover Modifications

The Range Rover vehicle range is arguably the most popular luxury SUV brand on the road in the UK. Globally over 200,000 Range Rover models were sold in 2016, so naturally a lot of these buyers are wanting to make their car more personalised. Whats the point of spending £60,000+ on a brand new Range Rover only for Joe Bloggs down the street to get exactly the same car? Due to this need for customisation on Range Rover models our range of products is incredibly extensive.


From our installation centre in Manchester Wrapvehicles can offer a huge selection of modification options for all cars in the Range Rover model range, from the Evoque right up to the Vogue and SVR models. Here is a breakdown of the Range Rover products and services we offer at Wrapvehicles Manchester.


Range Rover Wraps


This is the easiest way to totally transform the look of your Range Rover and make it stand out from the crowd, our full colour change vehicle wraps can completely change the colour of the exterior paintwork of your Range Rover Sport and make it seem like a brand new car.

Our vehicle wrap vinyl range is almost endless, utilising the best wrapping vinyls from brands such as 3M and Avery we can offer almost any colour you can think of. Many colours are available in matte and satin finishes, we even have some brand new metallic matte and metallic satin colours that can create a very deep look to the matte/satin texture.

Not fancying a gloss, metallic or matte coloured Range Rover wrap? Why not take a look at our brushed metal vehicle wrap range or try our carbon fibre effect.


Looking to really stand out and make a statement? Then we have a great range of special edition wrap vinyls to suit your needs. Our colour flip series offer chameleon effects to make your Range Rover look a different colour depending on the angle it is viewed at. Then there is our velvet and chrome vehicle wrap options. These 2 wrap finishes will give your Range Rover the ultimate attention grabbing presence, be warned though, they can be pricey. 


Just after making your Range Rover a little more personalised in a subtle way?

Then no problem, our vehicle wrap vinyls are so versatile they can be used to wrap over most smooth plastic, metal and painted surfaces. So de-chroming your Range Rover’s windows, boot, etc isn't an issue.


Range Rover Window Tints


A classic way of instantly improving the look of a Range Rover, our window tints can be added to the front and rear windows (excluding windscreen) to darken the colour of the glass and provide extra privacy.

All of our window tint films are 2-ply and made by the best brands in the industry to ensure a high quality installation that will last years and years. We usually carry 4-6 different tint shades in stock to ensure we can offer the complete range no matter what you require. From “limo” tint black, up to very light shades intended for front windows.

We may not be the cheapest window tinters in Manchester, but all of our window tints come full guaranteed and we will only ever use the highest quality tint films available.


Range Rover Bodykits


Here is where things can get really interesting for the Range Rover cars, due to the massive popularity of the Range Rover Vogue, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Evoque dozens of aftermarket automotive restyling companies have taken note and produced some really great designs to improve and in some cases totally transform the aesthetic of the original factory Range Rover cars.

From our base in Manchester Wrapvehicles can supply a huge variety of styling parts and accessories for the Range Rover models from some of the best aftermarket automotive restyling manufacturers. Not only that we also have the capabilities to install these Range Rover styling parts and Range Rover bodykits at our bodyshop in Manchester.


Thanks to our experience within the aftermarket vehicle restyling industry we can source almost any bodykit or styling package for the Range Rover, but here is some more information on a few of our favourite brands and what they offer for the Range Rover models.


Lumma Design Range Rover 


We might as well start at the top, with the most extreme way to modify your Range Rover (without spoiling it), Lumma Design have established themselves as the go to company when it comes to “maxing out” your Range Rover. Since the introduction of the 2013 Range Rover Vogue they have capitalised on the thirst for a design to amplify the sporty new design. To do this they introduced a widebody package that not only replaced the original front and rear bumper with restyled more aggressive versions but also added in huge wheel arch extensions and other body widening elements to make the Range Rover almost as wide as it is long.

In 2014 after the release of the Range Rover Sport Mk2 they did it again, this time releasing a widebody bodykit for the Range Rover Sport that amplified the new cars styling up to 11.


In addition to the wide arch bodykits Lumma Design offers slightly more restrained versions of the bodykits that swap out the original bumpers for the restyled versions and adds in some neat side skirts. Lumma also have a nice range of custom made alloy wheels in 22” and 23” specifically designed to match their extreme bodykits.

Elsewhere on the Range Rover Lumma Design offer interior upgrade options, with quilted leather reupholstery, as well as performance modifications for the Range Rover exhaust systems to give the cars a sound to match their extreme looks, and ECU power pack systems to increase the BHP and torque outputs of both the diesel and petrol Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models.


Currently Lumma only focus on the Range Rover Vogue and Range Rover Sport for their bodykit and restyling range, but they will soon be releasing a new widebody package for the Range Rover Velar. However there is nothing available for the Range Rover Evoque in their range.


Mansory Range Rover 


From the extreme Lumma Range Rover bodykits next we go to the sublime Mansory Range Rover styling packages, they offer an ever so slightly more restrained set of styling packages for the Range Rover Vogue and Range Rover Sport. While still offering a wide arch bodykit like Lumma, Mansory focus on the very high-end vehicle restyling market, so material usage is of the highest grade, with lots of visible carbon fibre and manufacturer quality plastic being used.

Their designs are slightly less aggressive than the Lumma Range Rovers but their subtlety is really breathtaking and due to price and the Mansory limited editions each Mansory styled Range Rover is effectively a one-off. You will never see another Mansory Range Rover on the road to match yours (if you are lucky enough to own one).


Mansory currently only offer their exclusive restyling packages for the Range Rover Vogue, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Sport SVR.


Kahn Range Rover 


Arguably the most important brand when it comes to Range Rover styling upgrades, Kahn have been offering restyling package and bodykits for the Range Rover range since the introduction of the original Range Rover Sport back in 2005. They were one of the first companies to introduce the art of Range Rover modification to the UK. Over the years they have expanded their range to offer bodykits and styling parts/accessories to all cars within the Range Rover range, and even extended this over into the Land Rover range, offering styling packages for the Land Rover Discovery and Defender cars.


Even with so many vehicle types covered Kahn still manages to regularly update their Range Rover bodykit range, currently offering a variety of bodykits and restyling packages for the Range Rover Vogue, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Evoque.

Unlike many of the other Range Rover bodykit manufacturers they are still happy to cater for the older Range Rover and Range Rover sport models from 2005-2013.

Like the other Range Rover restyling companies Kahn also offer their own range of custom made alloy wheels for Range Rovers and interior upgrades.


Startech Refinement Range Rover 


Brabus, a name synonymous with Mercedes Benz wanted to get involved with this boom for Range Rover restyling modifications, and not wanting to diversify their brand opted to create a sub-brand called Startech Refinement. Through this new brand they now offer a large range of bodykits, alloy wheels, interior upgrades and carbon fibre parts for Jaguar Land Rover Group (JLR), Maserati and Bentley.

Due to Startech using the same facilities (design and build) as the Brabus their Range Rover bodykits and styling accessories are some of the highest quality we offer at Wrapvehicles.


Currently Startech offer restyling packages for the Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Vogue in both 2013+ versions and 2010+ versions. As well as the Range Rover Evoque The Startech Range Rover Sport and Vogue bodykits are both available in widebody and non-widebody format. Overall all of the Startech Range Rover bodykits offer restyled bumpers and side skirts to give the cars a different look, and make them stand out against the standard models.

The widebody Range Rover and Range Rover Sport bodykits are not as extreme as the kits from Lumma, but they do add significantly more presence to the vehicles and increase their bespoke look.

As with the other Range Rover modification companies Startech also offer a selection of custom made alloy wheels in 22” and 23”, interior upgrades and various carbon fibre replacements parts.

As a little bonus Startech also offer a exhaust sound modification to make the diesel Range Rovers cars sound more like a petrol V8.

The Brabus lunacy is still present in Startech, this can be seen in their introduction of an optional  Range Rover Vogue pick up conversion.


Prior Design Range Rover


One of our favourite brands Prior Design doesn't disappoint with their Range Rover bodykits, they currently offer 2 bodykit options for the Range Rover Sport, a widebody version, and non-widebody version. Each bodykit offers restyled bumpers to make the Range Rover stand out from the crowd. Elsewhere in their range they also offer a widebody conversion bodykit for the Range Rover Evoque, one of the few manufacturers to offer a compete widebody conversion package for this very popular car.


Range Rover Interior Upgrades


The majority of the manufacturers listed above offer their own custom designed, handcrafted interior upgrades services, ranging from reupholstery on the seats, (addition of quilted leather and suede) to compete Range Rover interior overhauls that recover all surfaces in leather or suede in whatever colour you require, with monograms and custom logos hand stitched into the seats and headrests.


Range Rover Styling Accessories


If you are not looking for a full bodykit, but want to make your Range Rover a little more bespoke to your tastes we have a huge range of carbon fibre parts and restyling accessories suitable for the Range Rover Vogue and Range Rover Sport models. Our range of carbon fibre parts includes replacement grills, carbon air vents, carbon interior trim, carbon badges, carbon fibre bonnets, carbon wing mirrors, carbon spoilers, carbon fibre splitters, even carbon door handles.


Range Rover Alloy Wheels


As mentioned above, each Range Rover modification company have created their own custom made sets of wheels of the Range Rover models, specially designed to fit the car perfectly and amplify the looks of their bodykits whilst still looking good on Range Rovers that haven't had the bodykit treatment.

Due to the widebody bodykits available sometimes the wheels will need spaces adding to fill out the arches, but we can supply these specific for each bodykit as part of a package.

Beyond our range of Range Rover alloy wheels from Lumma, Startech, Kahn and Mansory, we also have access to some of the highest quality forged alloy wheels in the world from big name manufacturers including ADV1, Vossen and HRE. So if you are in the market for some new shoes for your Range Rover, look no further.


In addition to offering brand new alloy wheels for the Range Rover models we can also offer alloy wheel painting, powder coating and refurbishment to existing alloy wheels if you are happy with your current set up.


Range Rover Performance Enhancement


The exterior is not where our range of Range Rover modifications stops, we have a huge range of performance modification options to suit all of the different engine types available from the current Range Rover line-up. Both diesel and petrol models can benefit from our range of exhaust modifications to improve the sound of the car, whilst we have serval power pack ECU modification options that can help to boost to BHP and torque output of the engines. We even have our own mobile ECU remapping service should you want a permanent install instead of a plug & play system.

Elsewhere we also offer suspension lowering modules to ensure your modified Range Rover is sitting correctly.


Range Rover Trackers


And finally to ensure your modified Range Rover is secure we have a whole host of GPS vehicle tracker options to ensure it stays as safe as possible. Due to the high value of the car the Range Rover is a prime candidate for vehicle theft, usually via stolen car keys from a house break in. However the complicated keyless go functions on the Range Rover models also cause serious issues with security and so many insurances request a CAT 5 GPS vehicle tracker on all Range Rovers to ensure that the risk of theft is minimised.

The CAT 5 vehicle trackers utilise a card key or fob to add a second layer of protection against theft. The tracker systems needs to detect this keycard / fob inside the vehicle to disable the immobiliser, so if a thief tried to start your Range Rover without this card / fob present it will not work and the car cannot be taken. Even if the thief has the original car key in their possession, if they don't have the card/fob as well the tracker will not disarm and the car will not be able to be started.


And that is a guide to the Range Rover modifications we have available at Wrapvehicles in Manchester & Cheshire. If you have managed to read all of that without falling a sleep you deserve a reward, so please quote “RANGIE05” with an order for one of our Range Rover products/services and we will knock 5% off your total order cost. That may not sound like a lot but the majority of our high end Range Rover bodykits are priced at £25,000+, so its not a bad saving.

If you feel you need more detailed information about some of our Range Rover products please feel free to call us on 0161 641 8374 or email us at info@wrapvehicles.co.uk

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