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Brabus Conversions Available

  • Brabus C Class Styling (C43 / Brabus B25)
  • Brabus C63 Bullit - Saloon / Coupe
  • Brabus E Class E V12 Coupe/Cabrio
  • Brabus G Wagon 850 - Wide Star
  • Brabus G Wagon Styling (Widestar)
  • Brabus G500 4x4
  • Brabus GLE 700
  • Brabus GLE 850
  • Brabus GTS
  • Brabus Maybach
  • Brabus ML
  • Brabus C63 Saloon (2015)
  • Brabus S Class 850
  • Brabus Rocket S Class
  • Brabus S Coupe 900
  • Brabus Tesla Model S

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Brabus UK Conversions and Upgrades

At Wrapvehicles we aim to become the UK’s most popular vehicle styling company, so help complete our quest we have now added Brabus to our range of car styling and vehicle upgrade products. Brabus have become infamous as the premier brand in premium vehicle upgrades for Mercedes AMG vehicles.

Brabus are synonymous with high end styling upgrades, incredible performance enhancements and luxury interior upgrades for Mercedes Benz models.


Brabus UK Styling


Mercedes have now firmly accepted that car owners like sporty styling on their cars, this is why the majority of new Mercedes Benz models come with AMG styling packages straight from the factory. Brabus already know this, for over 30 years Brabus have been taking Mercedes cars and adding bodykits, styling parts and premium accessories to increase their visual appearance and prominence.

The Brabus styling range we offer at Wrapvehicles ranges from subtle bodywork tweaks, to transformative bodykits and all the way up to to outlandish widebody And as ever there is plenty of visible carbon fibre on show throughout the Brabus upgrade parts.

Brabus Styling Accessories


The Brabus accessory range we offer to our UK customers at Wrapvehicles offers a selection of parts to enhance the overall looks of a Mercedes and give it that infamous Brabus style.

The Brabus styling accessories include the following items:

• Brabus Badges (replaces Mercedes badges)

• Brabus Lettering (for boot area)

• Brabus Floor mats

• Brabus Door Sills

• Brabus Alloy Wheels

• Brabus branded pedals

• Bespoke Brabus rear diffusers (available in carbon fibre)

• Bespoke Brabus front splitters (available in carbon fibre)

These Brabus parts can be ordered and installed individually or as part of a package. These Brabus UK styling products can really help to customise a Mercedes and make it bespoke to the car owner.


Brabus UK Bodykits


Brabus offer a huge selection of bodykits and styling upgrades for Mercedes cars, at Wrapvehicles we can offer the entire Brabus UK bodykit range and we will be showcasing some of their most impressive offerings on our website. But if you don't see the Brabus model you are after please get in touch.

The Brabus bodykits help to transform the overall look of the Mercedes cars to create what effectively looks like a new model. Most of the Brabus bodykits we offer at Wrapvehicles Manchester contain parts that are direct replacements for the following body parts on Mercedes models.

• Brabus Front Bumper

• Brabus Splitter

• Brabus Front Spoiler

• Brabus Rear Bumper

• Brabus Rear Diffuser

• Brabus Rear Spoiler

• Brabus Air Vent Extensions

• Brabus Alloy Wheels

• Brabus Wheel Arch Extensions

• Brabus Front Grille

• Brabus Bonnet

Our Brabus bodykits are fully customisable, so you can kit out your Mercedes to your specification, adding exactly what parts you like to create your perfect Brabus Mercedes car configuration.


All of our Brabus styling packages are installed in the UK by fully qualified and Brabus approved installers. If just Brabus styling accessories or Brabus bodykits aren't enough for you we also offer the complete Brabus conversions. Our Brabus UK conversions can transform a Mercedes into a true Brabus car, with a factory fit finish we can upgrade your Mercedes into Brabus Rocket or any of the other Brabus models (Brabus Bullit 800, Brabus E V12 Coupe, Brabus 600, Brabus 700, Brabus 850, Brabus 900, Widestar G Wagon, etc).


Brabus Cars are like Mercedes AMG cars but turned up to 11. A full Brabus conversion turns your Mercedes into a totally new and different car.


Full Brabus Conversions


To achieve the complete Brabus conversion we also include the following Brabus upgrades:

  • Brabus Performance Enhancements
  • Brabus Interior Upgrades


Brabus Performance Enhancements


The aim of a Brabus car or Brabus conversion is to create the ‘World’s Most Powerful and Fastest Mercedes’. To do this the Brabus engineers undertake a variety of upgrades and changes to make sure that the maximum amount of power can be derived from the Mercedes engines.

Wrapvehicles offers full Brabus conversions throughout the UK but can also offer Brabus performance enhancements on their own, so if you want to turn your Mercedes into a sleeper street racer we can do this.


The Brabus engineers are incredibly skilled and undertake the following tasks to make Brabus cars the best of the best. 

• Increase Engine Displacement

• Optimise Gas Flow

• Install Enlarged Brabus Air Intakes

• Install New Turbochargers

• Upgraded Exhaust Manifolds

• Add Gold Heat Reflection Foiling throughout engine to optimise heat control

  • Install New Brabus Down Pipes and Exhaust System
  • Upgrade Engine Management Systems and ECU to offer optimal performance and fuel efficiency


These changes can help take a stock / standard Mercedes engine from 400/500 BHP up to 850/900 BHP, completely revolutionising the performance capabilities of the car, turning it into a true Brabus vehicle.


The second step that needs to be taken to convert a Mercedes into a Brabus car is to upgrade the interior of the car and make it a bespoke hand crafted Brabus car interior.


Brabus Interior Upgrades


The interior of a Brabus vehicle in an incredibly important part of a full Brabus conversion. Brabus is effectively a factory finish, therefore when it comes to their interiors each car is shipped to the Brabus bespoke upholstery shop in Germany to guarantee a perfectly installed Brabus fine leather interior.

At the upholstery shop Brabus Mastik breathable leather is combined with Alcantara (available in a massive range of colours) throughout the interior to create a high end premium interior that is hand finished. A Brabus interior doesn't just consist of re-trimming the seats of a Mercedes, Brabus go above and beyond to create a totally bespoke interior, this means not only re-upholstering the seats but trimming the dashboard, door panels and headliner in fine leather and Alcantara to create a Brabus cockpit. And to top it off they can customise interior trim in carbon fibre and premium wood finishes.

After this Brabus interior upgrade process there are even more interior tweaks that can be added to a Brabus car to make it even more bespoke to each client.

We can add Brabus illuminated door sills that match the ambient lighting colour of the cabin. Add Brabus branding throughout the car’s interior, and upgrade smaller parts like door pins and pedals to high quality and much more appealing metal versions in aluminium and stainless steel.


Who Can Order A Brabus Conversion?

At Wrapvehicles we work with both the general public and dealerships to offer the Brabus conversions in the UK. If you are a retail customer just give us a call to discuss your options, let us know what Mercedes you have and what kind of Brabus upgrades you would like us to carry out.

If you are a car dealer and are looking to add something special to your showroom or want to upgrade a Mercedes to make it sell quicker we can help. 


To get more information about our Brabus UK upgrades and Brabus UK conversions call us on 0161 641 7384 or email us at

Our Brabus upgrade service is available throughout the UK, so although we are located in Manchester / Cheshire we can offer Brabus upgrades to owners from London, Birmingham, Glasgow, etc. And as the Brabus performance and interior upgrades are factory fitted we can also offer Brabus UK upgrades to our international clients as well.

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